About Us


Our Services

We specialize in conducting Phase II-IV clinical trials which test investigational medications being developed by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These clinical trials are designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of innovative drugs and treatments in humans. 

Service to Patients

CRA is currently offering a variety of clinical trials and research studies in which you can participate. All participants receive all treatments and medical care related to the trial at no cost. Additionally, participants may be compensated for time and travel.

It is our mission to put the best interest of our patients first.  Our patients are our research family.  We pride ourselves in working on trials that we would recommend to own families.

For current trial listings please visit our current trials link.

Service to Our Sponsors

CRA is committed to timely start up and conduct of clinical trials.  Our staff is 100 percent dedicated to research activities.  We are committed to quality and efficiency.

Service to Physicians

Coastal Research Associates was established to manage trials for busy physicians.  This was originally achieved by integrating the CRA team within your practice.  This allows the physician to continue their usual routine, while adding clinical research into the mix with minimal disruption to normal daily activity.  CRA opened a full service clinical research center in Roswell, GA.  Physicians have the opportunity to see their patients within our facility and completely isolate their research practice from their clinical practice.  

In a day of diminishing insurance reimbursements, CRA can bring a nice alternate revenue stream to your practice.  In addition to the increased revenues, CRA also can lowers practice costs by offering technical and administrative staffing for the research activities.  Last, CRA brings the revenue stream while eliminating a need for billing and insurance filing.  Our physicians love the service.

Service to Community

CRA is dedicated to the communities that we serve.  We love to give back any chance that we can.  CRA is open to any opportunity to serve.  If we can be of any service through community outreach, education or health screening, we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact us with such opportunities.